I love light, shadow, colour, movement and stillness.  When I am out in nature I see all of that and more.  There is nothing like the sound  that the outdoor life offers.  I love streaming sunrays and rising mist.  There is so much truth and beauty in this magnificent world.  I so often have to remind myself to breathe as I am clicking the shutter.

This is not a hobby.  This is simply a way of being.

There is nothing like crawling out of bed at the crack of dawn and heading out to witness the magic of a new day coming to life. It is the most peaceful time.  Often my husband comes with me when he is free to do so (that thing called ‘work’ gets in the way) but often times it is just me and my camera. I sometimes question my sanity when I am out there stepping over bear poop as I walk along an off-road trail.  Yikes! But then I feel this incredible pull of the emerging sunrays calling me further down the path.  It draws me in every time.

This thing I do is so hard to put into words.  It is much more than merely taking pictures!  It is so deeply personal.  It takes me to another place.   It’s a time to be inside myself while looking at the simple beauty that surrounds us each and everyday.

Whether I am out there with my husband or taking a photography holiday with my sister,  when I am behind that lens, it’s just me, my camera and my inner most thoughts.