When we visit an art gallery and look at a beautiful painting we are sometimes so drawn in by it that we don’t want to leave it for a long time. We just want to take it in.  It moves us so deeply.  Imagine what goes on inside the artist that created this work of art.  It is so personal.  It comes from that deep sacred place inside.

So it is with me, my camera and the world outside. Whether it is macro photography in our garden or a photo trip down a back road with streaming sun rays, there is always something bubbling up inside.  My passion for photography is transformative. Worries are virtually non-existent when I am out there.  It is sometimes calming  and sometimes exhilarating.  It can bring healing when healing is needed. It is also very playful when I am out stalking hummingbirds and butterflies!

Just as music and art affect one physically, emotionally and spiritually,  I hope that my images will move people in a similar way.