Around our house we are a tad bit obsessive with our garden. We have tons of flowers!

My husband is the garden artist. He starts his gardening in February by starting seeds that he sows in the Fall.  We don’t have a greenhouse.  He starts everything indoors.  It can get messy.  But every year we say that it is worth it.  Doing what you love is always worth the mess.  Metaphorically speaking,  isn’t everything?

We are always out there weeding, transplanting, re-arranging, and watering.  But if I am being completely honest, he is the one responsible for our backyard paradise.  It is an English style garden with stone pathways.  Each one of those stones represents a hike or canoe trip in pursuit of the perfect flat rock!

I guess you could define our gardening style as shabby chic with the old chairs and pottery pieces placed strategically throughout the yard. We have this neat piece of driftwood (also known as garden art) that we picked up while out canoeing. As Mike stepped out of the canoe  it flipped over with me in it.  It was early October when the water is getting cold.  I was completely soaked from head to toe. It all happened so fast. One second I am sitting in the canoe and in an instant  I am upside down in a lake.  Our kids laughed all the way home.  Mike was trying not to.  We got caught up in “the ugly laugh” that happens when you believe that it really is possible to die laughing.

Just by following our passions of gardening and photography, we are creating beautiful memories that will last forever. That is what it is all about. So often we get caught up in believing the myth that we don’t have time.  Granted the stuff of everyday life is busy. But to deny ourselves completely of doing what we love to do is a tragedy.  Life is too short to waste filling it with things that we don’t like.  So fill it with things you do like!   The ripple effect of a happier you will spill into all areas of your life and it will impact everyone around you.

Morning coffee on the garden swing…aaahhhhh there is nothing quite like it.  Mike’s gardening habit supports my photography habit.  A match made in heaven.