Has anyone done a thesis on the effects of photography on the human brain?

We know that there is science behind how the brain processes visual input. There is a lot that goes on inside the body when someone is moved by an image they find beautiful.  Wow!

It is the neatest thing when one single image can mean something different from one person to the next. Pictures reveal truths and stories that can touch us in deeply personal ways.  They illustrate a part of who we are; our spirituality, and sense of well-being.  They can evoke memories or they can remind us of someone who has impacted us in some way.

When I was out taking this photo “Life Giver” I wasn’t thinking about how others might be moved by it.  Nor was I thinking  about the human brain and how it reacts.  I was completely and utterly absorbed  in the experience of being there at that time.  I was simply living in the moment.

I won’t pretend to understand the inner workings of neural pathways and the science behind this.  But it is fascinating stuff.  I think I’ll just let science be science and  continue to living life experience one moment at a time.!