I am so pumped!  I  have a cool DIY project in mind. We have an outdoor wicker look loveseat and chair sitting on our deck that is screaming for a makeover.  Bring on the creativity and  spray paint!

First things first; I will be looking to Google and Pinterest for inspiration. I know I want a brilliant pop of orange in my colour scheme.  Pinning on the Tangerine Tango board has opened my eyes to all kinds of ideas.  I have to think about where I want to incorporate this beautiful colour.   In the fabric or in the paint?  I need to think about the best paint that will hold up to the elements. I have a lot to figure out before I head to the hardware store.  All I really know right now is that this is going to be fun!

The creative process breathes life into our world.  Ask any four-year old why they like to paint.  They will tell you the truth.  That is what creativity is all about. It speaks of truth.  Art is inside all of us.  There is this reservoir of ideas just waiting to be tapped.  Whether it is a seasoned designer planning a room or the person behind the lens of a camera, it is there inside of all of us waiting to come out.

A friend just called.  Looks like my DIY project is about to begin.  We are going shopping for some fabric and paint ideas.  Whoo Hoo,  and so it begins; another fun project.  Will let you know how it turns out.