I was on my way home from a morning outing at Black Creek, a very popular spot that holds fond memories for many area residents in the Espanola area.  As I made my way home I glanced up into the rear view mirror and I saw this amazing light streaming through what was left of the morning fog.  I slammed on my brakes and got out of the car to take as many photos as I possible could.  Time was of the essence!

This image; “Follow Your Road”  means different things to different people.  The road is not always an easy one. Life has its challenges.  Hopefully it can be a symbol of strength and hope as we go through the tough times in life.  For some it might inspire them to follow a dream;  for others it might mean it is time to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

One man looked at it and exclaimed  “It is just like I am looking at God!”

What does it mean to you?

Follow Your Road