Every morning I wake up to a kiss on my cheek from my husband.   Nothing like starting off the day feeling gratitude. Such a treasured moment.

Little moments. Big moments.   Sharing love in simple ways. Random acts of kindness.  It only takes a moment to show someone you care.  A hug.  A knowing glance.  We have all been touched by someone else’s care.  And we all know what it feels like to show care.

Each day is a series of moments that can link us together or divide us.   What we do with each one matters.  We can look at life through appreciative eyes, or we can just motor through it not noticing the effect we have on each other. I happen to love noticing the gifts of others and the impact they make each and everyday;  like the person in the drive through window who told me to have a good day and I believed her!  Some people are just like that. She has no idea how much she inspired me.  I am between jobs right now and I would like to work in my field but she taught me that if I was doing her job, that I would want to be just like her.  She has the ability to make people smile just simply being herself.

People are extraordinary!  I am inspired by good service, especially when they authentically want to serve you well.  I sometimes find myself paying attention to  nametags  so that I can tell their boss what a difference they make.  One such incident; I recall a lady who went above and beyond the call of duty to serve me at a clothing store.  She was so genuine in her excitement to see that I left her store happy with my purchase.  Her boss was so pleased by what I had to say about her employee that she asked me to contact their head office to tell them.  Ooooh,  there’s that ripple effect again!

If I were to rewrite this blog entry totally the opposite way it is written…it might look something like this:

“I woke up this morning to the sound of my husband yelling at me to hurry up and get my lazy ass out of bed.  I then went through the drive through and the lady barely acknowledged my existence as she handed me my coffee.  The salesperson at the clothing store could care less about her job and didn’t give me the time of day. Etc. Etc.

You get the picture.

Chronic negativity is “people repellant” and it can suck the life right out of you if you are around it a lot.  But a positive genuine attitude is a “people magnet” that has such a powerful effect that enhances our life. We truly need to pay attention to the way we treat each other, or what we say about others.  Moments are powerful opportunities to build someone up, not tear someone down..  Every interaction is a significant opportunity to make an impact. We all have the power within us to make a difference in the lives of others.  And we have that same power to allow others to make a positive impact on us. It is an energy that needs to travel both ways.

I am so grateful for how my day starts feeling  gratitude each and every day with that kiss on the cheek from someone who loves me dearly.  But even GRATITUDE  is a choice.  Let’s not take life for granted.  And let’s use the power of each moment to make a difference.

Every Moment Counts!