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I won’t lie to you.  I was pretty stressed out yesterday.  Not over big issues. It was just a day that lots of  things needed to get done and not enough time to do them all. Life happens, right? My focus was split into what felt like a million directions.   But as per usual, I survived and the world continued on as it usually does. No one else seemed to notice how stressed I was. Nor should they, I wasn’t falling apart. I maintained my sensibility.  Until my girlfriend called me.  She was my outlet. I was able to do that healthy thing called unloading…and I felt much better.  It’s important to do that.

Equally important; we need outlets to vent, outlets to create, to cry, and oh we need to laugh.  And we need to laugh LOUD.  Those little L O L’s have their place in the world.  There are many ways to de-stress.  My photography is huge in my life. I get lost in that world that calms and grounds me.   My creativity in the Arts is another one.  Our theatre group is knee-deep into the rehearsal process of an extremely wonderful comedy, “Looking”, by Norm Foster.  Now there’s an outlet. It’s been a life saver as I navigate my way between jobs.

A good cry is another great outlet.  Do you ever catch yourself looking into the mirror after  a good tearing jag?  We often worry that people might notice we have just cried.  Why do we DO that!  It’s the most natural thing in the world. What a beautiful sight!  Red swollen eyes after a good session of sobbing and sniffing is evidence of another wonderful healthy outlet.

I wonder if I look just as beautiful laughing as I do crying!  OMG, I love the ugly laugh!  And it’s good for you too!  Wouldn’t a prescription request look great if it said: Ugly Laugh, 3X a week for what ails you!  Add in a dose of knee slapping, table pounding, foot stomping, try not to pee yourself ab work out;  and we should be good to go. Forget the prozac and the ativan.  Let’s just go for the laughs.  It is more contagious than a virus. And way better for you!  Before you know it people are laughing with you. How healthy is that!

 Laughter is a people uniter that bonds us  in ways that are hard to explain. Conversation can bond us…but throw in some laughter and it seems to speed up the process!  We can’t fake laughter. We can try but it doesn’t work and isn’t near as much fun.

After my stress  filled day yesterday we had a line run  for our upcoming play. This script is so well written that we are constantly discovering new and funny nuances.  Kudos to Norm foster and his brilliance.   Throughout the course of our evening combing through Acts 1 and 2  and running our lines we found ourselves bent over into full fledge ugly laughs.  All of us. Honestly, we were near death!  Okay, so no one actually died.  Do you think I was still feeling stressed after that?

It is our hope that our audiences are blown away by a fun evening of gut wrenching laughter when they come out to see our show.  We are working very hard to make that happen. And we have the satisfaction of taking our audience away from their everyday stressors in life.  That’s when we know we have done our job.   The process that begins with memorizing lines to the point of believability when we step onto that stage is all worth it. It involves hours and hours of work and dedication involving many people.

And the bonus?  A few of our own ugly laughs along the way.  Have a great day everyone.  Wishing you all the happiness and laughter you can possibly want!


Spontaneity is the spice of life!   We made the sudden decision yesterday to load up our cooler and cameras into the car and head to beautiful Manitoulin Island.  I am in hot pursuit of some new Wall Art for our spare bedroom and I am looking for “THEE” perfect picture for the spot above the bed.  I love adding to our Home Decor with some of my own work and this was a perfect day to go out for it.

First stop;  the gas station. Just as Mike was putting the gas nozzle into tank we heard this raging man screaming literally to the tops of his lungs.  The profanity he was using were among my top hated curse words. (MFA for example) You figure it out.  We had no idea what he was so mad about. I guess he snapped while waiting in line.  We sure didn’t see that coming.

My first instinct was to get out of our car and teach that man some manners!  I was SEETHING! He doesn’t even know my husband; the gentlest kindest man on the face of this planet; the kind of guy who offers others to go ahead in line ups. GRRRR, I wanted to let this raging bull have it right back!   But instead I took my hubby’s cue as he nonchalantly went about his business of filling the gas tank.  Eventually the guy gave up his rant and took off spinning his wheels. I still haven’t figured out what we did wrong.

After I calmed down inside I realized that anyone that reactive  over having to wait for a tank of gas can’t be very happy. I hope he figures out his life for his sake and for the sake of the lady that was sitting beside him.  Somehow, I doubt that this is an isolated incident for him.  We had to let this whole thing go and not let it ruin our much-anticipated trek to the island.  Turns out we had a stupendous day!

Our first stop was beautiful Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong where we set up ‘house’ overlooking Mudge Bay. Our outdoor Home Decor was something to behold with our little camp chairs and blanket.  It was our own little oasis to read , do the crossword puzzle, and watch the boats coming and going. Then we headed on to Providence Bay where we had a picnic and swim.  We took time to laze around with a good book while waiting for that magical evening light; perfect conditions for photo opportunities on the way home.

We stopped at the place where I captured my winning photo “Rainbow Sun“.  To see the glistening sun on the tall golden grasses took my breath away.  It brought me right back to that serendipitous moment when I was there the first time. It was special to relive those feelings again.

I am so glad we didn’t let the incident at the gas station ruin our day.  I used to let that sort of thing get to me. But when you really think about it his rage belongs to him and has nothing to do with us.  I hope he finds his way.  This gift of life is meant to be LIVED!