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I won’t lie to you.  I was pretty stressed out yesterday.  Not over big issues. It was just a day that lots of  things needed to get done and not enough time to do them all. Life happens, right? My focus was split into what felt like a million directions.   But as per usual, I survived and the world continued on as it usually does. No one else seemed to notice how stressed I was. Nor should they, I wasn’t falling apart. I maintained my sensibility.  Until my girlfriend called me.  She was my outlet. I was able to do that healthy thing called unloading…and I felt much better.  It’s important to do that.

Equally important; we need outlets to vent, outlets to create, to cry, and oh we need to laugh.  And we need to laugh LOUD.  Those little L O L’s have their place in the world.  There are many ways to de-stress.  My photography is huge in my life. I get lost in that world that calms and grounds me.   My creativity in the Arts is another one.  Our theatre group is knee-deep into the rehearsal process of an extremely wonderful comedy, “Looking”, by Norm Foster.  Now there’s an outlet. It’s been a life saver as I navigate my way between jobs.

A good cry is another great outlet.  Do you ever catch yourself looking into the mirror after  a good tearing jag?  We often worry that people might notice we have just cried.  Why do we DO that!  It’s the most natural thing in the world. What a beautiful sight!  Red swollen eyes after a good session of sobbing and sniffing is evidence of another wonderful healthy outlet.

I wonder if I look just as beautiful laughing as I do crying!  OMG, I love the ugly laugh!  And it’s good for you too!  Wouldn’t a prescription request look great if it said: Ugly Laugh, 3X a week for what ails you!  Add in a dose of knee slapping, table pounding, foot stomping, try not to pee yourself ab work out;  and we should be good to go. Forget the prozac and the ativan.  Let’s just go for the laughs.  It is more contagious than a virus. And way better for you!  Before you know it people are laughing with you. How healthy is that!

 Laughter is a people uniter that bonds us  in ways that are hard to explain. Conversation can bond us…but throw in some laughter and it seems to speed up the process!  We can’t fake laughter. We can try but it doesn’t work and isn’t near as much fun.

After my stress  filled day yesterday we had a line run  for our upcoming play. This script is so well written that we are constantly discovering new and funny nuances.  Kudos to Norm foster and his brilliance.   Throughout the course of our evening combing through Acts 1 and 2  and running our lines we found ourselves bent over into full fledge ugly laughs.  All of us. Honestly, we were near death!  Okay, so no one actually died.  Do you think I was still feeling stressed after that?

It is our hope that our audiences are blown away by a fun evening of gut wrenching laughter when they come out to see our show.  We are working very hard to make that happen. And we have the satisfaction of taking our audience away from their everyday stressors in life.  That’s when we know we have done our job.   The process that begins with memorizing lines to the point of believability when we step onto that stage is all worth it. It involves hours and hours of work and dedication involving many people.

And the bonus?  A few of our own ugly laughs along the way.  Have a great day everyone.  Wishing you all the happiness and laughter you can possibly want!


Every morning I wake up to a kiss on my cheek from my husband.   Nothing like starting off the day feeling gratitude. Such a treasured moment.

Little moments. Big moments.   Sharing love in simple ways. Random acts of kindness.  It only takes a moment to show someone you care.  A hug.  A knowing glance.  We have all been touched by someone else’s care.  And we all know what it feels like to show care.

Each day is a series of moments that can link us together or divide us.   What we do with each one matters.  We can look at life through appreciative eyes, or we can just motor through it not noticing the effect we have on each other. I happen to love noticing the gifts of others and the impact they make each and everyday;  like the person in the drive through window who told me to have a good day and I believed her!  Some people are just like that. She has no idea how much she inspired me.  I am between jobs right now and I would like to work in my field but she taught me that if I was doing her job, that I would want to be just like her.  She has the ability to make people smile just simply being herself.

People are extraordinary!  I am inspired by good service, especially when they authentically want to serve you well.  I sometimes find myself paying attention to  nametags  so that I can tell their boss what a difference they make.  One such incident; I recall a lady who went above and beyond the call of duty to serve me at a clothing store.  She was so genuine in her excitement to see that I left her store happy with my purchase.  Her boss was so pleased by what I had to say about her employee that she asked me to contact their head office to tell them.  Ooooh,  there’s that ripple effect again!

If I were to rewrite this blog entry totally the opposite way it is written…it might look something like this:

“I woke up this morning to the sound of my husband yelling at me to hurry up and get my lazy ass out of bed.  I then went through the drive through and the lady barely acknowledged my existence as she handed me my coffee.  The salesperson at the clothing store could care less about her job and didn’t give me the time of day. Etc. Etc.

You get the picture.

Chronic negativity is “people repellant” and it can suck the life right out of you if you are around it a lot.  But a positive genuine attitude is a “people magnet” that has such a powerful effect that enhances our life. We truly need to pay attention to the way we treat each other, or what we say about others.  Moments are powerful opportunities to build someone up, not tear someone down..  Every interaction is a significant opportunity to make an impact. We all have the power within us to make a difference in the lives of others.  And we have that same power to allow others to make a positive impact on us. It is an energy that needs to travel both ways.

I am so grateful for how my day starts feeling  gratitude each and every day with that kiss on the cheek from someone who loves me dearly.  But even GRATITUDE  is a choice.  Let’s not take life for granted.  And let’s use the power of each moment to make a difference.

Every Moment Counts!

Sunray Showers

Actually there is more than one bear poop story. But the first one is the most poignant! 🙂  I am sure a bear story would be a little more captivating but I will share that one when it happens. I see a lot of deer when I am out and about but so far I haven’t come face to face with a bear. Just it’s poop.

In one of the video clips that will be seen probably both on the Homesav site/YouTube,  I am standing on a trail where I captured both Enchanted Forest and Sunray Showers. Standing there with my videographer brought me back to one of my early morning excursions:

It was about 6 in the morning.  I parked my car near the trail and headed down the path with camera around my neck, cell phone in my pocket and a nice loud whistle (just in case!)  Then I heard a rustling sound. The first thing that came to mind was that drill etched into my brain; ‘look as big as you can, flap your hands and make a loud noise’ I repeated this a few times in my head. I resisted temptation to run. Oh but I wanted to! Sometimes that instinct to do so isn’t in our best interests. I heard the rustling again and I momentarily froze as I repeated that drill in my head. Then I thought the whistle!  I will blow the whistle.  God, I am so brilliant in a crisis. Just as I grabbed the whistle a tiny wee little squirrel came out of the woods, froze and momentarily stared at me.  Suddenly he bolted as fast as he could and as far away from me as possible. Sheesh. That was my bear. How humiliating.

As I walked further down the path I started to relax again and remembered my purpose for being out there.   My heartbeat settled and I continued on with my trek.  And there it was.  Bear poop.  I was raised in Northern Ontario. I know what that looks like. That little squirrel did not drop this one!  In that split second I questioned my sanity and considered going back to the car.  But then those darn sunrays!  They pull me in every time.  I simply cannot walk away.  Once my camera was focused on the beautiful light and the rays and the trees…I was utterly lost in that beautiful world again.  The fear completely left me and I was captivated by the incredible beauty of the forest.  The sounds of the birds, the feel of the air on my skin.  Even as I write about this, I am re-living that  inner sense of wonder and well-being.

So now what do I do when I hear a rustle in the woods?  Nothing. I keep going.  It is just one of the beautiful sounds that belong there.  And the poop?  Well, I just walk around it.  It belongs there too.

Whenever I look at Enchanted Forest and Sunray Showers I think about the beauty of not only that day,  but the beauty of overcoming a fear.  A fear that could have stopped me from doing something that I absolutely love.  A beautiful gift indeed!

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