It’s a beautiful September Sunday afternoon.  My Garden Artist husband is sowing seeds from the flowers and getting ready for next year.  Where did the summer go??   ‘Time flies’  is not a cliché statement in my world. It DOES fly.  It makes you really appreciate those other not so cliché statements;  ‘Live each day to the fullest’,   Life is what you make it,  When life hands you lemons make lemonade,  Keep the faith.’

For some, these common statements lose their validity because we hear them all the time.  We are all challenged by life circumstances that we have no control over.  That’s just reality.  But what if we chose to live by those statements when we are met with unwelcome change?    We cannot always control what comes our way but we can decide what to do about it when it does happen.  One choice is to roll over and play dead.   Can’t even imagine going that route.  Another option is to just go with the flow until it resolves itself.    But that doesn’t always work either.  One thing I often say is “We’ll figure it out”

I feel like I am in limbo.  I am in waiting mode for a possible work contract. If that doesn’t pan out then I have to reinvent myself career wise.

Figuring it out doesn’t have to be complicated unless you choose to make it so.  I am inspired by others who go back to school at  unconventional times in life.  How cool is that when people in their 40’s and 50’s take that plunge!  I met a lady the other day who has done a complete 360!  She was out jogging.  That in itself is inspiring. She stopped to talk to me about going into her third year of Post Secondary Education.  She is moving forward in her life. I am certain that taking this plunge wasn’t an easy one. But she looked radiant on the inside and out. She is truly taking care of herself spiritually, physically and emotionally.    She shared with me about a 57-year-old woman going back to school for her PhD. Why not!

As I sort out my own direction I will continue to do what I love.  Man, these misty mornings have been AWESOME with my camera. Getting out there grounds me and stirs my soul in such a gifted way.  I am so Blessed to love photography. It impacts my whole way of being.

Meanwhile I hold on tight to these simple truths found in our everyday vernacular;  if life hands you lemons make lemonade.  Live each day to the fullest. Life truly is what you make it.

And most of all….Keep the Faith!