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I wondered about dropping a little  pearl of wisdom on this last day of 2012. But what do I know about what is best for the next person!  I have my own self-improvement to work on.

We all know someone who knows everything. Right now you are probably thinking of at least one person who knows it all.  That person will tell you how to raise your kids, do your job, who to be friends with, who not to be friends with, how to organize your cupboards ‘right’,  what colour to paint your walls, what to wear,  lose weight…yada yada yada. If we believe these critical voices then we are in danger of  forgetting who we really are, and becoming our own worse critic.

There is even a television show about brides who  sometimes compromise picking out a dress for their wedding day, to please someone else and not themselves.  Yikes.   That voice of disapproval wins again. By this point in her life she has learned to distrust her own wants and needs. She has already lost her own sense of self.

These influences can really do a number on our view of ourselves.  If we grow up hearing from others that we are bad, that we aren’t smart enough, that our size is wrong,  that our race is wrong, that our life choices are wrong,  then eventually we master the art of self disapproval. Bit by bit we start  to believe those little unwanted judgements of others. It strips away our very core and confidence in ourselves.

There comes a time in life when enough is enough.  A time to tell yourself the truth that others didn’t know how to tell you because of their own lack of confidence. If we all truly believed how great we are and if we helped others believe how great they are, there would be less criticism of self and of others floating around in this world. If we acknowledged that  famous poem “Children Learn What they Live” as the truth, and we did something about that, our world would be a little more peaceful. Lets pay attention to  this especially.  Our little ones need to believe they are GOOD, that they are SMART  and WORTHY.  They need to believe the truth about themselves starting from day one. Our formative years are crucial.  If a two-year old is getting the message that they are bad, that they are not smart etc.  then chances are they are getting the same messages at 3 and  4…and at 12 and 13 etc.

Lose the critic. If you have one in your life, tell them to stop.  If they don’t respect that, then you have a choice to make, don’t you?  Put up with it. Or walk away and surround yourself with people who treat you and others well.  But whatever your choice…please stop believing them and start listening to the truth. Your own truth. No one knows you better than yourself. If you have been believing the false judgements of others, it’s time to make a change.

As for New Years Resolutions, we’ve heard them all before.  I am going to examine what I need to do to better myself.  While I am doing that, my hope for you is that you truly do what you need to do for your own happiness.  You already know what isn’t working in your life.  You don’t need anyone else to tell you that.  Just remember to believe the truth about who you really are. Remember that you deserve to be treated well. It begins by treating your self well.  It’s not selFISH to take care of your needs. Lose that FISH and replace it with care.  Self Care is not selFISH!

Happy New Year!  Listen to your own inner voice when it comes to what you need this year. But  make sure it’s not the Inner Critic! Lets lose criticism of others and of ourselves.  By doing so, we will help the world be a better place in 2013.



Love. Breathe. Eat. Drink. Pray. Sleep. Pay the bills. Run errands.  These are a few of the basics of  day-to-day life.   It is VITAL to take some time to do something you LOVE to do.  At the end of life you want to be celebrating what  you DID, not  lamenting with regret for the things that you wished you had done  You deserve nothing less than that.  Life is a gift and it is meant to be lived to the fullest. It’s no one’s responsiblity but our own to make that happen.

As promised I am posting a photo from my morning out yesterday.   What a fantastic outing!  I went to a few locations to get a taste of the forest and then on the way home I took a detour for a walk  along the riverbank.  It was hard to choose which image to share with you tonight.  I have a couple of beautiful keepers from both locations.  I settled on “Coming In For a Landing” This heron kept me entertained for such a long time.  It was wonderful.   Such a majestic creature!

My sale with homesav and posterjack is coming to an end in a couple of hours.  The week flew by.  It’s been such a GIFT to participate in this.   I cannot believe the number of visits that have come to this blog!  Thank you so much for leaving your comments,  “liking”,  or just coming by to read.  I don’t look at this as an ending but a time of new beginnings.  An exciting time indeed!

Meanwhile I will continue to love, eat, pray, drink, run the errands, and oh,  that other fundamental of my life…I will continue to do what I love. Doing what we love  should be included in the ‘basics list’ of what it is to live this experience called life.  But it is often the one that is most overlooked.

I hope this inspires some of you reading this to include something you are absolutely passionate about into your ‘Basics List’  Life is a gift that is meant to be lived to the fullest.  We all have challenges.  All the more reason to find yourself, your passions,  your goals and aspirations. And just go for it.

I don’t know why, but I can’t stop thinking about  my photo, “Handmade” tonight.   A simple, yet intricate spider’s web. Just doing what needs to be done to get by.  We all have to do what we have to do to live.  I don’t know about Praying, but at least the spider doesn’t have to pay bills!  One can only marvel at  the value and beauty of such hard work to survive.  Talk about the master of web design! Every picture tells a story.  It is such an honour and privilege to be given this gift to enjoy and share with others.

It is my hope that my photography speaks to your truth as it does to mine.  Good night everyone!

Until next time,


Coming in for a Landing

I have so much to learn! I am not what one would call Blog Savvy.  I am still trying to figure out Backtracking,  Widgets and Pings.   As I attempt to navigate my way around this blogging arena,  I have embarrassed myself by hitting the ‘LIKE’  button without realizing  that I just announced to the world that I liked my own blog entry!!  I was mortified.  Learning the ropes  requires a good sense of humor!  At the end of the day we just need to accept that the learning curve is a work in progress.  So for now,  I release the meaning of widgets and pings into cyberspace until it is time for me to learn them.  I forgive myself!  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Meanwhile, I need to concentrate on doing what I love and that is taking  pictures!   I have to wait as  Mother Nature is giving us some much-needed rain.  We  need it but I am craving a sunrise and sunset that we can actually see!  Not to mention that we are hitting the peak time for the most prolific meteor shower of the year.  We have incredible starry nights in Northern Ontario and I can’t wait to sit under that amazing August night sky as the meteors shoot across the universe!  It is truly something to behold.  The Perseids makes it that much more spectacular. But for now it is raining and I am getting ANTSY!

Patience is a virtue but  I can’t wait to get back out there with my camera.  Now that’s a paradox.   A patient person can wait.   All of this nature inflicted delay of gratification is getting to me.   I have taken some lovely photos on cloudy days but I need sunlight to light up the Morning Glories that are blooming in the backyard.  They are one of my very favourite flowers to capture when the light is just right.

Morning Star is one such treasure.  That LIGHT!  Oooooh, what a gift to share this beautiful image!  I have seen it a thousand times and I still get shivers no matter how many times I gaze at it.   Some people are quick to share their responses to it. Some comment on the light.  Some gasp and say ‘HOW DID YOU DO THAT’!  (I crawled right in and clicked the shutter). Others just look at it in silence and you just know it is speaking to them in some way.

All Widgets and Pings aside; I am sticking to my passion of  capturing beautiful moments in time, and sharing those with others so that they might also be stirred by this stunning world around us. That is the very essence of why it is that I do this.

Centuries ago Aristotle gave us that beautiful quote;  “The Soul Cannot Think Without a Picture”

Each time I write about one of my photos, I relive that whole experience of when I actually captured it.  The photo “Almost Missed It” was similar to the Rear View Mirror story when I captured Follow Your Road.  Through my written words, I keep trying to articulate what is like out there when I am doing my thing.  I could go to the same location three days in a row and each day offers something fresh and new. It never results in  that “same old same old” feeling.

I was on my way home.  Thinking I was done for the day something drew me back for one last look.  I went up and down the road a few times and when I saw that light hit that corner…WOW.   If it wasn’t for the tangible evidence of the image file that I have  then this would feel like a dream.  I still feel that feeling of being totally awestruck.  I almost stopped breathing a few times.  How does one articulate this! It was one of those defining moments in life when I knew that I would be forever changed.  I remember whispering out loud;  “What did I ever do to deserve THIS?”   It was that beautiful!  And then the answer came to my mind almost as soon as I asked the question;  ‘You showed up.’

Honestly it is truly humbling sometimes.  I showed up.  Wow.  And to think I  Almost Missed It!  Or did I?

We all have times in our life that we examine our belief system.  I know that I was meant to be there that morning.  And I know that I am meant to do what I do.  I don’t fully understand it.  But maybe we don’t have to get it all the time.  All we have to do is just show up.

Almost Missed It