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I need help.  I really do.  My camera is dormant today.  I have some work to do.  About an hour ago I decided to undertake the daunting task of cleaning up my computer desk.  Actually I just lied to you. I decided that this task needed doing at the beginning of summer.  It’s almost September.  I am a the master of procrastination when it comes to stuff like this.  The  chaos of paper,  foreign looking cords that look like they belong to my computer,  old pay stubs, cell phone bill statements,  staplers, pens, pencil cases,  you name it;  it  resides on my desk.   It might look tidy sometimes…but I camouflage well when need be. I am smart. This unit has doors that CLOSE!

But today is the day.  It has to get done now for an upcoming project. We are getting ready to sand our hardwood floors.  (Anybody care to offer me a free trip across Canada and I will come  back home when it magically gets done by itself??)  This job has been on our mind for years.

We LOVE our old house.    We have kept the charm of the old kitchen cupboards and accented with modern finishes and it looks gorgeous.  We did a big job a year and a half ago;  the dining room and entryway have been updated because of the need for insulation.  So the whole room was gutted and done up nice.  The walls are painted ‘squash blossom’ , the perfect colour for my photos Rainbow Sun and  Faraway Forest.  Looks stunning.

We vowed the next job would be the hardwood floors.  We called someone for quotes to do it for us. Last night we decided to save that money and put it into something beautiful like a couple of area rugs or another piece of my photography done up for the walls.  We committed ourselves to do this. But OH MY.   I have actually asked people to saw my legs off should I even think about taking on another do it yourself project that requires this much work. I never learn!

I know it will be STUNNING when it is done.  Can’t wait to get to the other side of this project when I am blogging about how worth it all this  was.  It’s the work involved between now and when we get there that kills me. We have two rooms to do.  We have to jimmy rig some kind of walkway over the floor to get to the bathroom so that we can live here while we do the work. Sounds interesting!  I am excited about the finished product!

Meanwhile I have to get back to clearing out the junk on my desk.  Arrrrgggh.   Could we not just set it on fire and get a new one for our brand new and improved living space.  Got a match?  A chainsaw?


I have so much to learn! I am not what one would call Blog Savvy.  I am still trying to figure out Backtracking,  Widgets and Pings.   As I attempt to navigate my way around this blogging arena,  I have embarrassed myself by hitting the ‘LIKE’  button without realizing  that I just announced to the world that I liked my own blog entry!!  I was mortified.  Learning the ropes  requires a good sense of humor!  At the end of the day we just need to accept that the learning curve is a work in progress.  So for now,  I release the meaning of widgets and pings into cyberspace until it is time for me to learn them.  I forgive myself!  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Meanwhile, I need to concentrate on doing what I love and that is taking  pictures!   I have to wait as  Mother Nature is giving us some much-needed rain.  We  need it but I am craving a sunrise and sunset that we can actually see!  Not to mention that we are hitting the peak time for the most prolific meteor shower of the year.  We have incredible starry nights in Northern Ontario and I can’t wait to sit under that amazing August night sky as the meteors shoot across the universe!  It is truly something to behold.  The Perseids makes it that much more spectacular. But for now it is raining and I am getting ANTSY!

Patience is a virtue but  I can’t wait to get back out there with my camera.  Now that’s a paradox.   A patient person can wait.   All of this nature inflicted delay of gratification is getting to me.   I have taken some lovely photos on cloudy days but I need sunlight to light up the Morning Glories that are blooming in the backyard.  They are one of my very favourite flowers to capture when the light is just right.

Morning Star is one such treasure.  That LIGHT!  Oooooh, what a gift to share this beautiful image!  I have seen it a thousand times and I still get shivers no matter how many times I gaze at it.   Some people are quick to share their responses to it. Some comment on the light.  Some gasp and say ‘HOW DID YOU DO THAT’!  (I crawled right in and clicked the shutter). Others just look at it in silence and you just know it is speaking to them in some way.

All Widgets and Pings aside; I am sticking to my passion of  capturing beautiful moments in time, and sharing those with others so that they might also be stirred by this stunning world around us. That is the very essence of why it is that I do this.

Centuries ago Aristotle gave us that beautiful quote;  “The Soul Cannot Think Without a Picture”

Tangerine Tango

Meet one of the newest members of my Tangerine Tango family. Mother Nature is quite the Designer!   I took this photograph in our backyard garden a couple of weeks ago.  There is so much symbolism in this  exquisite little flower.  And I do mean LITTLE. Taking this photo was a little hard on the knees and ankles.  Oh, but so worth it.   I spent a lot of time crouched down so carefully not to move.  The wind would pick up at times and I would just have to wait it out.  There was a good lesson learned here.  Patience really is a virtue!  Worth the pain for this Grandma!

Those little orange circular  structures you see  are the tops of the tiniest little buds.   That one little star was the first to open up.  Now there is a metaphor for you!   Sometimes it takes one to open up and suddenly everyone else is joining in to share.   I digress!  I can’t help myself sometimes.  Symbolism and meaning is found in all Art forms.  I love that there is a story in every photograph.

I will be back to talk about more of my photographs over the next week or so.  TTFN!


Spontaneity is the spice of life!   We made the sudden decision yesterday to load up our cooler and cameras into the car and head to beautiful Manitoulin Island.  I am in hot pursuit of some new Wall Art for our spare bedroom and I am looking for “THEE” perfect picture for the spot above the bed.  I love adding to our Home Decor with some of my own work and this was a perfect day to go out for it.

First stop;  the gas station. Just as Mike was putting the gas nozzle into tank we heard this raging man screaming literally to the tops of his lungs.  The profanity he was using were among my top hated curse words. (MFA for example) You figure it out.  We had no idea what he was so mad about. I guess he snapped while waiting in line.  We sure didn’t see that coming.

My first instinct was to get out of our car and teach that man some manners!  I was SEETHING! He doesn’t even know my husband; the gentlest kindest man on the face of this planet; the kind of guy who offers others to go ahead in line ups. GRRRR, I wanted to let this raging bull have it right back!   But instead I took my hubby’s cue as he nonchalantly went about his business of filling the gas tank.  Eventually the guy gave up his rant and took off spinning his wheels. I still haven’t figured out what we did wrong.

After I calmed down inside I realized that anyone that reactive  over having to wait for a tank of gas can’t be very happy. I hope he figures out his life for his sake and for the sake of the lady that was sitting beside him.  Somehow, I doubt that this is an isolated incident for him.  We had to let this whole thing go and not let it ruin our much-anticipated trek to the island.  Turns out we had a stupendous day!

Our first stop was beautiful Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong where we set up ‘house’ overlooking Mudge Bay. Our outdoor Home Decor was something to behold with our little camp chairs and blanket.  It was our own little oasis to read , do the crossword puzzle, and watch the boats coming and going. Then we headed on to Providence Bay where we had a picnic and swim.  We took time to laze around with a good book while waiting for that magical evening light; perfect conditions for photo opportunities on the way home.

We stopped at the place where I captured my winning photo “Rainbow Sun“.  To see the glistening sun on the tall golden grasses took my breath away.  It brought me right back to that serendipitous moment when I was there the first time. It was special to relive those feelings again.

I am so glad we didn’t let the incident at the gas station ruin our day.  I used to let that sort of thing get to me. But when you really think about it his rage belongs to him and has nothing to do with us.  I hope he finds his way.  This gift of life is meant to be LIVED!